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Reel Creations Grime & Weathered FX By Brad Look

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Finally there is the perfect combination of colors to create all kinds of gritty, grimy, and weather-beaten or sunburned looks all from one palette. You can easily create all kinds of unkempt or dirty effects on the skin that will be long lasting and rub proof.

If you feel you need a dirtier look, add smudges of dark makeup, such as dry cake or dark pigmented powders. The colors in this palette are waterproof and require very little or no touching up. To apply use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and spray over the colors to activate them or rehydrating during use. Can be applied with a brush or stipple sponge to achieve the effects you want. Dries quickly. For wet or shiny skin effects, use glycerin or water. Do NOT use any oil or oil based products!

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. REEL CREATIONS™ products are manufactured by long time veteran Hollywood makeup artist and multiple Emmy Award winner, Fred Blau. His 40 plus years of knowledge in cosmetic chemistry and formulation of specialized cosmetics for the film and television industry is highly regarded by makeup and special makeup effects artists.