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REEL Creations Casualty FX Palette

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The trauma colours in the Military Moulage Casualty FX Palette are a direct result of much research and development utilising the expertise of veteran military battlefield medics and civilian EMS First Responders. Their first hand experience with casualty incidents provides the most accurate view of what real life blood, bruising, and other injury related colours should look like.

This palette represents the collaboration of these experts in producing the most essential injury related colours, and is fast becoming the casualty simulation industry standard for creating high fidelity trauma effects. It is a must have palette for any artist looking to accurately reproduce all kinds of wounds and related FX, especially for High Definition Reality™.

The colours in this palette are waterproof and require very little or no touching up. To apply use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, and spray over the colours to activate them or rehydrating during use. Can be applied with a brush or stipple sponge to achieve the effects you want.

Dries quickly, and use powder over to achieve an "under the skin" look. For wet or shiny skin effects, use glycerin or water over it once the ink is dry. DO NOT use any oil or oil based products over it or you will risk degrading the colour application.

Military Moulage Casualty FX Liquid Inks, are the refills for the 5 most used colours in this palette. Available in Black, Bruised, Aged Blood, Sunburn, and Arterial Blood.

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. REEL CREATIONS™ products are manufactured by long time veteran Hollywood makeup artist and multiple Emmy Award winner, Fred Blau. His 40 plus years of knowledge in cosmetic chemistry and formulation of specialised cosmetics for the film and television industry is highly regarded by makeup and special makeup effects artists.