PPI Green Marble Concentrate 1oz

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Green Marble SēLr Concentrate was developed exclusively by Academy Award® nominated SFX artists, Richard Snell and Kenny Myers, as an extremely durable makeup encapsulator/sealant that has multi-layering capabilities with a tough film forming quality. In this concentrated form, Green Marble SēLr mixed with Attagel, MM-1443, creates outstanding life-like old age effects with the "stretch and stipple" technique.

Once dried it is resistant to water and alcohol, so it allows you to overlap makeup products for layering effects, and you can repeat the process as often as needed for the desired end result. You can even be using alcohol based makeups in while layering and not have to worry that you will disrupt what was previously done. Once dry it will hold firmly yet comfortably and be flexible. Many artists have used the layering technique for magnificent old age effects.