Written by Paddy McGurgan

Fun with Liquid Latex

Before you use the liquid latex, you should mix the coloring well to ensure that all of the pigment that may have settled to the bottom of the bottle is fully homogenized with the rest of the liquid

latex in the bottle. You may accomplish this by stirring or by shaking.

Draw a simple design using the brush cap included with your Colored

Liquid Latex. Try to paint evenly without heavy drips of latex in any one area

Allow the latex to dry completely without touching it with anything, except perhaps the

warm breath of a hair dryer to help speed the drying process. You will know when the design is completely dry once the greyish color of the latex has turned to Jet Black.

Apply glitter by pinches or by the brush full. You'll note that in the tutorial, we start at the bottom of the design and work our way up. If you start at the top, any glitter that falls onto latex

below will be stuck for good and that may not be what you had planned. Once the glitter is covering all of the latex, press the latex in gently with your fingertip before proceeding to the next step.

Dust away extra powdered glitter using a soft Powder Brush. So long as all the surrounding skin is dry, the excess Powdered Glitter will just fall away. Your design should be smooth to the touch and durable. If you have any "clumpy" areas, you probably did not allow that area to fully dry before pressing in the glitter.